Writer / Director Royce Gorsuch reviews his notes before shooting the scene. How analog!

Dear Jammers and Germs,

Herein the Mad Genius Magazine lies the behind the scenes chronicles and creative war stories of the Mad Genius MovieOn this blog, we promise to give you the fully transparent low-down about what it took to make an acclaimed independent feature film on our own terms. You’ll find exclusive information, secrets, tricks, hacks, lessons on the creative business and finance, and all the intricacies of what it takes to be a self-made modern maker. So, hats off to your creative pursuits. Make it!  – MR. VIX

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MR. VIX, aka Royce Gorsuch, is the writer + director behind the acclaimed independent feature film MAD GENIUS. Over the past 8 years he has produced and directed commercial content for Electronic Arts, the Olympic Games, Intel, Virgin America, and Reebok amongst many others. Royce originally wrote the script for The Mad Genius Project in 2012 after reading several cover articles in Scientific American Magazine about mapping the human brain. Being a lover of all things cyberpunk, Royce began the insane journey to bring his modern cyberpunk film to life in 2015. Royce has spent nearly every day for the past three years to bring the resulting Mad Genius Movie to fruition, and hopes it makes you laugh, wince, and most of all, “think about the crazy shit that’s going on.” Royce is represented by The Gotham Group. And he is slightly mad.